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Prayer is called a mystery...

If God knows everything, why do we need to tell Him? If He knows we need things, why do we need to ask? If He has a will, why do we need to pray that it be done. Why not just do what He wants? The mystery is that Father chose not to engage unless we do. HE will rather wait than engage without our participation.

We find this principle in scripture:

We ask, and He gives

We knock, He opens the door, we loose on earth and He will loose in heaven, we bind on earth and He will bind in heaven.

FATHER says draw near to me, and I will draw near to you. You don't have, because you ask.

God chose to govern and rule with His children. Not because He needs us, but because He wants to.

We do not twist His arm to do things. His will is good, far more than ours. When we remain in Him, and pray according to His will, let His will be done, we are releasing God's will on earth.

How much of God's will is not being done, because His children do not engage in prayer?

Join us today (and daily) by praying for your own congregation and your community, as well as for the Believers in Israel.

Let us join Father in releasing His will on earth, partnering with Him according to His principles.

Your prayers not only make a difference, they are required.


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