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The Feast of Tabernacles does matter !

Do you realise that the church keeps all of the three annual Feasts of the Lord, except the Feast of Tabernacles? Think about it, we keep Passover, but give it the distorted name of "Easter", the name of the pagan goddess of fertility. We keep and honour Pentecost (Shavuot in Hebrew), but somehow the Fall Feasts which encompasses Rosh Hashana (New Year), the 10 days of awe, the Day of Atonement and the Feast of Tabernacles is completely ignored.

When one considers the fact that this cycle of feasts prepares one for the return of the Lord, then one realises something is wrong here. Passover prophetically looked forward to the redeeming blood of the Lamb who died as our once for all Passover sacrifice. Shavuot was the feast that birthed the moment when the Holy Spirit was poured out on all who served the Lord. Tabernacles encompass the heralding of the Presence of God as He journeyed with His Bride in the desert in a column of smoke by day and a pillar of fire by night. This is an easily recognisable prophetic foreshadowing of the return of Jesus as Messiah and Lord of Lords to rule reign on earth.

All believers should, therefore, be excited by and look forward to this Feast, heralding the most eventful day in the history of the world when Jesus does return. Since we don't know the time and the exact date, only the season, this Feast reminds us to be ready for His return.

If it is so important, how did this feast get left off the Church calendar? Has it been misunderstood? Is the prince of this world keeping us blind to this truth? These are questions that the church must ask itself these days.

David and Jonathan Foundation has sponsored a Feast of Tabernacle celebration every year for the 13 years. This year, with government-enforced Covid-19 restrictions, we are promoting two online celebrations during the Feast season. The first is an online Feast initiated by Ps. Nic Kuyer of the Key Church in Deep River, Cape Town. This celebration will include special guests from Israel. Several of the Messianic congregations that we partner within Israel will be participating. Join us to see how they plan to keep the Feast. It takes place on 3 October at 7 pm on Facebook live . Save the date. Experience this years Feast with some of the believers in the land. See the people behind the congregations you are praying for and supporting financially.

The second online celebration will take place in collaboration with The Church on the Rise in Blouberg, Cape Town. Ps. Brad, his music team, dancers and yours truly will participate and give you all a taste of Tabernacles.

The date is 10 October, at 7 pm on Facebook live

Tell your friends and let's celebrate together!

Jack Carstens

Founder - David and Jonathan Foundation


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