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Impact Israel with the Gospel ! 

Help expand the Kingdom of God in Israel and the Middle East,  by partnering with the local Messianic Jewish Congregations in Israel. They effectively communicate the Good News of Jesus and disciple both Jewish and Arab Israeli's in their community.

David and Jonathan Foundation's focus is to help the Church build relationships with the network of different congregations in Israel that are partnering with us. 


Just as David and Jonathan of old entered into a friendship covenant with each other (1 Sam 18:3), individuals or your congregation can join our network to support an Israeli congregation with your prayers, finances and visits. 


According to the Bible, God is not finished with Israel. His plans and purposes with her will continue until Messiah returns to establish His Kingdom on earth.  


We are grateful for the many churches and individuals that are responding to our call to support the believers in the Land.

We invite you to join us !


Founders Jack and Annalee Carstens

Jack  &  Annalee Carstens  


Meet the David and Jonathan Foundation

Meet the David and Jonathan Foundation

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