“Did God reject His people (the Jews)?

By no means! ……God did not reject His people,

whom He foreknew.” Romans 11:1-2


“This is what the LORD says:

Only if the heavens above can be measured and the foundations of the earth below be searched out will I reject all the descendants of Israel…” Jeremiah 31:37

 Congregations in   


David and Jonathan Foundation currently partners with 14 congregations and organisations in Israel, and a network of churches and individuals in South Africa. 

We hope to expand the number of congregations we can support in Israel as our financial support increases. 

Our aim is to support financially and otherwise our partner congregations in Israel, so that they may continue their good work in their local community.   

These Messianic Congregations need your support. They face relentless persecution mainly from the Ultra Orthodox communities. They may also endure rejection from their families for putting their faith in Jesus the Messiah. 

The exciting part is that the Messianic Jewish believers is Jesus are a rapidly growing community, with more than a hundred congregations in the land of Israel. 

Messianic Believers are increasingly more accepted in Israeli society and taking on a less marginalised roll. It is no longer the case that most Jewish people feel they have never heard of Jews who believe in Jesus. On the contrary a lot of Jews are very open today to listen to the Gospel. Today there is about 20 000 Jewish Believers in Israel. They serve in the IDF, they love their communities and are proudly Jewish and patriotic Israeli's. 

After 2000 years God has brought the Jewish people back to the Land. Messianic Jewish believers are growing in number and acceptance. We are seeing the fulfilment of prophecy in our generation. 

We encourage you to seek the Lord to see how He wants you to participate in what He is already busy doing amongst the Jewish People. 

Some of the leaders from Congregations in Israel who you will be supporting through our Foundation


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