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Contributing to Israel through covenant Friendships with
Messianic believers in the land.

We need your help to make a difference.

Why David and Jonathan Foundation?

Here are some pertinent reasons to support D&J:

  1. Paul/Saul admonishes us to do good to all, but especially those of the household of faith. Gal 6:10

  2. The Patriarchs of old and the Jewish followers of Jesus gave us the inspired Word of God.

  3. Paul says we owe them a debt: We received their spiritual gifts, now we owe them material support. Rom 15: 26 - 27

  4. All believers are important and worth supporting, but Paul says there is an order, namely “to the Jew first” Rom 1:16

The very essence of what we, as Gentile believers, regard as Holy has been passed down to us by Israel of old and Jesus’s Jewish disciples. In many cases it cost them their lives.

We now have an opportunity to sow into the lives of a mainly secular Israel (62%) by praying for and supporting the Messianic believers. They are growing year by year. Their testimonies and local relationships are one of the best ways for the Good News to reach the unsaved.

Partner with us, as a church or an individual, to support one of our many partner congregations. Our newsletters will keep you updated and indicate what to pray for. We will pass on your financial gifts to these congregations.

We are grateful for the support we receive. Transfers are made with the permission of the Reserve Bank. These congregations are extremely grateful for your contributions.

Don’t delay. Make it a priority to support Israel through the Believers in the land. Many Jewish people have never heard the message of Salvation and how Yeshua can set them free. You can be the Lord’s hands and feet in this regard.

Use the Donate button on our website, or make an EFT bank payment.

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