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David and Jonathan Foundation is proudly affiliated with Salem Biblical Gardens. 

Salem Biblical Garden was established in 2011 on a farm on the slopes of the Paarl mountain in the Windmeul valley, Agter Paarl. The natural fynbos 300 hundred year old wild olive trees and granite rocks closely resemble parts of Israel. A path has been cut along the mountain where a number of artefacts and depictions of Bible Patriarchs has been built. The public are invited to came and  “Journey through the Bible”. It starts with depictions from the book of Genesis and ends with the expected return of Messiah at the End of the Age.

It is hoped that many people will visit the Garden and be inspired by the Word of God, enriching and building their faith in the Triune God of the Bible.

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How it all began

Mr Jack Carstens' appointment as the Trade Attache in the South African embassy in Tel Aviv at the age of 26 made an indelible impact on his and Annalee’s life. It shaped their future. In Israel their love for the Bible and the God of Israel came together in the geography, archaeology, people and traditions of the region. The Bible became a living document and Jack was determined to establish a garden in South Africa that would give people a hint of the reality they would find in Israel if they were fortunate enough to travel to the land.


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Jack  &  Annalee Carstens  


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